Why donate? There are many reason to donate such as helping your community when they need it most. Donating to Moffitt cancer center can help in many ways such as medication and treatment.

I remember when my mom was going through treatment and she sent me down to pick up some of her chemo medications that she really needed, but she couldn’t afford them. Some of the medications could range from $500-$12,000, insane right? When cancer patients come to the hospital, they come to get better, not to worry about if they can afford medications or treatment. That is EXACTLY why I help the cancer patients as much as I can!

With every donation we receive, it is given to Moffitt Cancer Center to help the people who need it the most. Some are struggling worse than others and that is why we created the donation area.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every single one of you who have supported our candle business and donated money to help cancer patients. You truly matter!

Want to know more? Visit our story on how we started!

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