9 ways to make mom love you even more this Mother’s Day

Do you know how to make Mothers Day a little extra special for mom? I got you covered with 9 great tips to make this years Mothers Day the best! #1 The first thing mom could ever wish for, especially on Mother’s Day, is a self cleaning house, right? Of course! Giving mom a breakContinue reading “9 ways to make mom love you even more this Mother’s Day”

When will I receive my order?

Once an order is placed with us we will process your order that day if it is before 4pm. If not before 4pm, we will have your order out the next following business day. Once your package is packed and shipped, we will send you a confirmation email that will have your tracking information. PleaseContinue reading “When will I receive my order?”

When I found out my mom had cancer

Before I worked in the medical field I worked at Publix Supermarket and loved the the experience. I worked there part-time while I was going through school and even after graduation. The fall of 2016 was when I started my first semester of college and I was super excited to start, it felt like aContinue reading “When I found out my mom had cancer”

3 simple ways to support cancer patients

Have you ever wanted to support a cancer patient but didn’t know how or what to do? There are many ways you can support cancer patients without it having to be expensive or even for free. If you have a loved one as a cancer patient and want to support them you can by giftingContinue reading “3 simple ways to support cancer patients”

Why Burning toxin free candles are the best

Why burning toxin free candles are the best because toxic free candles and what they do? When searching for a candle, you want the best, right? Of course you do! Some candles consumers have candles that are sold at high price but we have no clue what is in that candle or if they areContinue reading “Why Burning toxin free candles are the best”

Why shop small?

Why choose to shop small over big brand names? Here are 4 good reasons why to shop local or from small businesses Small businesses give back more Small businesses are better at customer service You, as the customer, get unique things You are helping a small business owner succeed Small businesses, like myself, give backContinue reading “Why shop small?”