Why Burning toxin free candles are the best

Why burning toxin free candles are the best because toxic free candles and what they do? When searching for a candle, you want the best, right? Of course you do! Some candles consumers have candles that are sold at high price but we have no clue what is in that candle or if they areContinue reading “Why Burning toxin free candles are the best”

Why shop small?

Why choose to shop small over big brand names? Here are 4 good reasons why to shop local or from small businesses Small businesses give back more Small businesses are better at customer service You, as the customer, get unique things You are helping a small business owner succeed Small businesses, like myself, give backContinue reading “Why shop small?”

How “Barn Owl Candle Co” Started

Where did “Barn Owl Candle Co” start off? It all started when my mother, Trish, loved making candles, wax melts, gift sets, and more! My mother was a very creative person and she loved making gifts around the holidays. She started off with Easter making weaved baskets and then it moved on to Christmas whereContinue reading “How “Barn Owl Candle Co” Started”

What to expect when ordering from us!

You can order through us through two platforms; our Etsy shop or here on our website, whichever you prefer! A hand written Thank You card Our buisness card A “Candle Care” card A coupon for your next order 1 Extra goodie Cool packing paper with stamping on it, along with rope to give it aContinue reading “What to expect when ordering from us!”