Why we are different!

There are many candle stores you can choose from so why choose us?

We make all of our candles out of soy wax compared to paraffin wax . Soy wax is made from soy beans and Paraffin wax is highly processed wax (by product), which is typically low cost to make which means low quality. Most high end brands use Paraffin because its so cheap to make and they mark it up.

We use clean ingredients in our candles such as cotton wicks, phthalate free oils, and soy wax

You would think all wicks are the same, but they are not! We use cotton wicks, which are 100% cotton. Then there are paper wicks, hemp wicks, wicks with lead (which you don’t want), and many others. We like our cotton wicks for a cleaner burn and evenly burn.

With every candle purchased, 5% goes to Moffitt. When you purchase a Cancer Patient Care Package, 50% goes to Moffitt. When you donate through us, 100% goes to Moffitt.

Every year (2 weeks) before Christmas, we donate as much Candle Care Packages we can put together and drive to Moffitt and hand deliver them so the cancer patients can have at least one gift for Christmas.

Not only are you supporting and helping a small business owner like myself, you are helping so many cancer patients!

The owner of Barn Owl Candle Co, Mariah, hand packages EVERY single order. Not all companies owners will do that. I want to make sure that every candle received is handled with care, love, and respect.

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