Amaya’s Story

I was honored to be able to talk to Amaya and learn about her story and where she is today. I was able to meet Amaya off an app called “Tiktok” when I came across one of her videos when she was talking about her cancer journey. She truly has touched my heart and it brought back memories when I was helping my mom go through treatment. I remember the long hours, doctor appointments, treatment and chemo. I want to thank Amaya for letting me post about her story! We sent a care package to Amaya to support cancer patients so we can show our support!

1 year after Amaya graduated high school she was diagnosed with leukemia at 19 years old. “It’s so funny to think about because 2 weeks before I was diagnosed I took a trip to Miami and was living my best life, not really thinking a few days later my life would completely change. Just to show how I truly didn’t expect anything to come from this random emergency room visit”.

Amaya brought her work clothes with her that day thinking it would be a simple check up and she would go about her day. “Boy was I wrong. My life completely changed upside down.” That day Amaya woke up and tried to get ready to go to one of her classes but felt so weak and sick she just ended up throwing up for a few hours. It wasn’t until she finally left her bathroom to grab a drink from her fridge that she passed out for a couple of minutes, that’s when she knew it was serious. “I called my mom immediately because I was so scared to drive myself to the hospital but knew it was bad and I needed to be seen right away. I drove myself anyways. I had been sick for months leading up to this point but really didn’t put all the signs together”. Amaya was in college and was working a full time job, always on the go. “This doesn’t run in my family so the thought never really passed my mind. I did treatment for about 8-9 months that year and was in remission shortly after”. Unfortunately 8 months Amaya later found out she relapsed and, again began treatment right away. Amaya did chemotherapy for another 5-6 months and later went on to have a stem cell transplant. Her oncology team looked long and hard for transplant matches for her to many risks came with it. They decide to go with Amaya’s mom who was a half match!

As of right now, Amaya is 1 year post stem cell transplant now and through blood work she would say everything is great. But life itself has been really hard. “Between all the new side effects I’m experiencing everyday from my transplant and learning to juggle my new life after all of this, it’s been very challenging. I can’t help but feel blessed to see another day and, have a new perspective on life. Truthfully I would not have been able to get through all of this if it wasn’t for my mom and my family. They were the real hero’s here. It’s hard all I can do is take it one day at a time”.

“Thank you for letting me share a little glimpse of my cancer story and for all that you do for us cancer patients”-Amaya

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