3 simple ways to support cancer patients

Have you ever wanted to support a cancer patient but didn’t know how or what to do? There are many ways you can support cancer patients without it having to be expensive or even for free.

If you have a loved one as a cancer patient and want to support them you can by gifting them a cancer care package. I did with with my mom when I could, I put things in the care package that she loved. They can use this care package anyway they want such as while they are going through chemo, going through treatment, or when they feel down and need a pick me up. What I put in my moms care package was her favorite things like coloring books, her favorite books, candles, her favorite podcasts (she loved the ones through our church), and even her favorite candy to help with her mouth sores.

Here are some free ways to support them:

  1. When people think about cancer, they think it’s all the same, but that is not the case. All cancer can affect each person differently. 2 people can have breast cancer, but have different symptoms or feel a certain way.
  2. You can always just be there for them and I feel like this is the biggest thing for them because sometimes they feel like they are alone. That is one thing I never wanted my mom to feel, she was always there for me growing up so I wanted to do the exact thing. Just being there is such a great feeling for them because no matter what happens they know you got their back. You can just sit by their side while they are going through treatment or chemo.
  3. Not all cancers come from your diet and how you eat, it can play a role but that’s not ALWAYS the case. Cancers can be from your genetics but that doesn’t ALWAYS mean you can pass down cancer to generation to generation. It can skip generations too. Example: If you had a child, it doesn’t always mean you will give them cancer since you had it.

I think we all can be mindful how cancer plays roles in peoples lives, and it can all affect us differently. We all can make a difference and try to support cancer patients together, even if its just telling them how much we care.

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