Why Burning toxin free candles are the best

toxin free candles

Why burning toxin free candles are the best because toxic free candles and what they do? When searching for a candle, you want the best, right? Of course you do! Some candles consumers have candles that are sold at high price but we have no clue what is in that candle or if they are toxin free.

Here at Barn Owl Candle Co, we opt in for the BEST and high quality products to produce our candles. Our candles are 100% soy wax, our fragrance oils are toxin free (for you and for the cancer patients we serve), our wicks are 100% cotton wicks (not bleach and with no lead).

We stay away from many toxins that can hurt you such as carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and many more! We want our customer to have the best experience with our candles and of course safety comes first, it’s our number one priority.

What are the benefits of soy wax? There are so many great benefits from using soy wax such as it is really good for the environment. What we mean by that is that soy wax is biodegradable and is a renewable resource, so it is 100% all natural. Soy wax also burns slower rather than other waxes on the market. Not only does it burn slower, it doesn’t create a lot of black soot. Another great thing is that if you spill a puddle of wet wax, it is extremely easy to clean up with plain soap and water.

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