Why is Christmas important to us?

Christmas is suppose to be about being surrounded by the people who love you the most, maybe baking cookies, wrapping gifts, or go light seeing, right? For a cancer patient it can be many things. It can be upsetting to them because they don’t get to spend the holidays at home with their loved ones. Most of them are in the hospital alone and wishing they could be home with family and friends.

Every year around Christmas time, Barn Owl Candle Co hand wraps as much candle gift sets as they possibly can do and hand delivers them to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. But why? We care so much for our community and want to make sure that every person gets at least one gift, nobody deserves to be alone for Christmas and not get a Christmas present. This is exactly what our business is all about, helping one cancer patient at a time!

Not only are we doing this, you can also participate too! But how? We are making cancer candle gift sets that will be available on our website that you will be able to purchase and when we visit Moffitt we will hand deliver your gift to the cancer patient. Not only are we doing that, we are writing a check to Moffitt from all the purchases we have received over the year (with every purchase, a donation goes to Moffitt cancer to help cancer patients with treatment and medication). If you are not able to buy a gift for a cancer patient, you can donate to Moffitt instead.

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