Why shop small?

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Why choose to shop small over big brand names? Here are 4 good reasons why to shop local or from small businesses

  • Small businesses give back more
  • Small businesses are better at customer service
  • You, as the customer, get unique things
  • You are helping a small business owner succeed

  1. Small businesses, like myself, give back to the communities rather than the high end brands. High end brands want to make money, not give their money away.
  2. A fact about a small business owner is they’re GREAT at customer service because they truly care. You, as the customer, want to be happy with your purchase, right? Of course you do! Small businesses want to make you extremely happy and they are going to do it every possible way. Here is an example: Have you ever ordered a package from amazon or a high end business and they just throw your items in a box and ship it to your house? That doesn’t happen with a small business. They make sure the packaging is PERFECT and make sure that everything is safe while traveling.
  3. Buying from small businesses, you can get some unique things, such as candles, shirts, tumblers, and so on. Some businesses make things unique by adding your own touch.
  4. Not only are you doing a good deed by supporting a small business, but your helping them succeed by helping them accomplish goals. They might be doing this as a hobby or they might be doing a business full time and just trying to live and make an income

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